Intracellular Density / Single Project

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Media ID: SYM0022
Client: Technical
Created on: 2004-05-26
Published on: 2004-08-05
Dimensions: 1350 x 2000 pixels

Type: Illustration

Audiences: Technical, Scientific

Keywords: cytoplasm, illustration, image, intracellular, milieu, packed, 3D, organelles, dense, systems, biology, pathways

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  • Intracellular Density


This illustration is an abstract representation of the intracellular milieu. The cytoplasm is a densely packed volume where organelles and molecules interact in highly complex pathways. Imagine the New York City New Year's celebration in Times Square with all those people. Now image expanding those people in the vertical. Imagine being to walk through such a 3D environment? Probably not, but cells are even more dense and molecules, organelles, and such are involved in a myriad of reactions...


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