Clients and Testimonials

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Haitao Li - Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

"I showed the picture and animation to our lab members in our lab meeting and these products brought about very good feedback from the audience. They explained what the twinning crystal is and how it happens in a visual way, which greatly deepen the understanding of the concept of twinning.

Thanks very much for your help!"

Matt Fleming, Principal - Illume Arts, LLC

"Thanks so much for doing such a fantastic job. The work you did looks great and everyone was really impressed. I especially appreciate your attention to detail, prompt turn-around, and all the extras you provided. We're very happy with your work and will continue to use your services for future projects."

Billy G. Hudson, Ph.D., Director / Elliot V. Newman Professor of Medicine and Biochemistry - Vanderbilt University Medical Center

"Just a note to say that the animations that you created for my upcoming presentation are spectacular. As you know, I will present these as part of the ceremonies for the 2003 Homer W. Smith Award given by the American Society of Nephrology on November 16, 2003. Your animations display the concepts of type IV collagen assembly, derived from X-ray crystallography and biochemistry, in a novel, clear, concise and artistic fashion. Moreover, they are the first such animations in the fields of matrix biology and autoimmunity.

I greatly appreciate your talent and express my deep appreciation for your assistance in developing my presentation."

Ethan Bernard - John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Thank you for providing these! The images look great. Thanks again for your help and hope these haven’t been too troublesome.

Dave McLaughlin, Director of Marketing - Clarke

"That animation is really nice and should help lighten an otherwise data and methodology intensive presentation. It and the images of the treatment area (woodland pool) should help everyone better understand the comparison of the conservative model and slow release model."


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